The project was a huge success with 19 people taking part in various activities. We set out to do something creative and enjoyable, which ultimately meant so much more to the participants. It again reinforced everything we think – that we know – in respect of the value of arts and culture for wellbeing, and how it helps to overcome social isolation.

Being a part of the Medway and Kent Dementia Action Alliances has also shown us that this project has much value for many groups of people – older, lonely, carers and of course, those living with dementia.

The demographic was mainly female (18 to 1 male) between the ages of 63-95, with the majority living with some form of disability.

Summary of Outcomes

19 people took part in the project, either recording their stories on audio or making craft items in the workshops, and in some cases, both.

7 people recorded audio stories

12 took part in workshops

5 took part in both activities

In excess of 20 keepsakes were created

16 participants were living with some form of permanent disability, from dementia to physical difficulty, including sight and hearing issues.

What they said …

“I think it’s really good, all these ladies would just be sitting there, and look at them, they’re really interested and excited.” – Maureen

“You coming along has encouraged them all to interact as well, which is brilliant.” – Mandy

“It’s nice to know that someone is interested in what happened a long time ago.” – Joan

“It was nice bringing in photos of days gone by and what we used to do.” – Barbara

“I’ve never been so happy in all my life *don’t start me off* Thank you so much!” – Grace

For more feedback, please listen to the interviews on the ‘What they said’ page.